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Lease Mineral Rights in Oklahoma 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 1:08 PM

Caddo County, Oklahoma Mineral Rights

Sell Mineral rights in Caddo county Oklahoma.
We can offer top dollar to buy mineral rights  we can look at small acreage 5 acres to 15 net mineral acres and Large Acreage 50 acres 150 acres.
We will need to know if your mineral rights are leased in caddo county and who they are leased with the Royalty income your Mineral rights are leased at will help determent the Value we can offer. 1/4 royalty would get a much greater Value to buy 
than a 1/8th Royalty.

We can also buy open acres if your mineral rights are not leased.

Caddo County Mineral Rights Sell Or Lease Mineral RIghts In Caddo

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Caddo County, Oklahoma Mineral Rights

The Cana-Woodford (also known as the Anadarko-Woodford) is a liquids rich shale formation that is named after Canadian County, OK, although the formation underlies several counties in the western half of the state. Production in the Cana-Woodford kicked off in the 1930s from conventional vertical wells, with the industry's first horizontal well coming in 2007. More recently, however, the counties that comprise the Cana fairway have been targeted for emerging oil plays, such as the SCOOP and STACK formations.

The Cana is a relatively deep formation, ranging from 8,000'-16,000' in true vertical depth, with some wells reaching total measured depth greater than 20,000'. In 2011, the U.S. Energy Administration went so far as to declare the Cana-Woodford the deepest commercial horizontal shale play in the world. Similar to the Eagle Ford and the Ohio-Utica formations, the Cana features a dry gas, a condensate, and an oil window. Much of the industry activity in the Cana has been in the more liquids rich portions of the play. In early 2015, Continental Resources completed its first well in the northwest Cana-Woodford via a joint development agreement with a subsidiary of South Korea's SK Group aimed at natural gas drilling (see

Unlike the Bakken Shale, which features a large number of operators, several of whom have amassed land holdings of more than 500,000 net acres, the majority of Cana-Woodford acreage is held by just a handful of companies, most notably Devon Energy, Newfield Exploration, Continental, Marathon Oil, and Cimarex Energy.

Oklahoma mineral rights buyers have a very serious interest in large amounts of mineral acreage in Caddo county Oklahoma  Canadian county , Kingfisher county . We have relationships with the biggest buyers for Caddo county can offer the best prices for mineral rights sellers. We have established those relationships through our knowledge, expertise, and dedication to connecting the mineral rights sellers of Roger Mills County to the mineral rights buyers for Roger Mills County.

Mineral Rights in Roger Mills County Oklahoma are popular for mineral rights buyers and mineral rights sellers because of the County’s location above the Oil and Gas rich Anadarko Basin. Roger Mills County covers 1,149 square miles, and most of it’s mineral rights owners have benefited from the Oil and Gas Industry’s consistent interest in their County. This is especially true when looking at the 3-5 year Oil and Gas Leasing Cycle. The majority of Roger Mills County mineral rights are leased every 3-5 years because of the great well results, and tremendous potential of Roger Mill’s multiple paying formations.

With a population of only 3,647 people according to the 2010 census, Roger Mills County’s “Surface” population is greatly outnumbered by it’s mineral rights owners.

Roger Mills County is familiar territory for cutting edge operators such as Apache Corp, Samson, Cordillera, JMA Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Linn Energy, and many other reputable companies engaged in the development of Roger Mill’s Oil and Gas resources.

Roger Mills County Covers the following Townships and Ranges

13N-21W - 26W

14N-21W - 26W

15N-21W - 26W

16N-21W - 26W




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